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Last month, Ken and his pals received a reality-infused makeover, attaining the dolls look less like plastic divinities and more like the men they’re supposed to imitate. Between three different body types, seven skin colors, and nine hairstyles, Ken is putting down fewer” Come on Barbie, let’s go party” vibes and isinstead looks a lot like a guy we are able to encounter( for better or worse) on Tinder or even at a women’s march.

Ken’s latest evolution are liable to be his most dramatic makeover yet, but it surely isn’t the most iconic or buzzworthy. Here are some interesting facts about Ken before he got the license to rock a man bun.

12 fantastic facts about the Ken doll

1) Kens last name is Carson

The Ken doll was first introduced in 1961 and was named after the son of Ruth and Elliot Handler, the discoverers of the Barbie doll( incestuously enough, Barbie was also named after the couples daughter: eyes emoji :). According to fansite Keeping Ken, Barbies full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Ken, however, was never given a middle name.

2) The real Ken never had a real job

Ken Handler objective up wedding a woman named Suzie. The pair lived in Manhattan together with their three children, where Ken wrote music and plays for fun. He died at persons under the age of 50 in 1994 on the afternoon of his daughters wedding.


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