PinExt - 3 Dozens (36pcs) Handmade Rosary Cross Bracelets, Pulseras Decenarios by BriannaBeads- DB10

For 3 dozens (36 pcs) decenarios bracelets. Each dozen will have 12 different colors. You may pick your own color. Just email for your color choice.

Definition of Decenarios:

Decenarios have ten knots and can be used as Rosaries. In Spanish custom, they are for celebration of births, first communions, and religious weddings. They have become extremely popular, stylish and trendy accessories! Decenarios also make wonderful gifts or special event and party favors! Decenarios are one size fits all, unisex and can be worn on the wrist or the ankle!

Decenarios are said to bring good luck and each color has a meaning, please refer to meaning to all colors below!

White: Friendship, Purity;
Green: Health, Ambition, Go-Getter;
Yellow: Energy, Increase Creativity;
Red: Love, Passion, Courage;
Pink: Consolation, Romance;
Brown: Concentration, Stability, Strength ;
Orange: Success, Attraction, Happiness;
Light Blue: Reconciliation, Health, Tranquility;
Dark Blue: (Self) Confidence, Knowledge;
Purple: Inner Strength, Control, Luxury;
Light Pink,

Decenarios Bracelets are Good For Birthdays,Friendship Bracelets,Team Colors, Country Colors;Baptisms,Communions,Confirmations Weddings,Party Favors,Gifts;Engagements,Events,Fashion/Style,Religion

Other Fun Facts on Decenarios:

These are fabulous handmade nylon string Decenario knotted Rosary Bracelets (Pulseras), the hottest fashion that takes the US by storm. It is also very popular in other parts of the world.

History of Decenario Bracelet: It is of latino origin. There are 10 knots in the actual bracelet itself and each knot represents one year…thats why they are called a decade bracelet.

Endorsed and worn by such celebrities as Victoria & David Beckham,Shakira, Cheryl Cole, Enrique Iglesias and Sara Carbonero. In July 2009, American magazine FHM elected Sara Carbonero as the sexiest sports presenter in the world.

Product Features

  • QUANTITY: 36
  • COLORS: Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Brown, Rainbow, Pink

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