PinExt - 6 Things You Can Only Relate To If People Think Your Best Friend Is Your Sister

The people you let into your life will undoubtedly have a major influence on your happiness, so it’s super important to be picky about those you get close to. Attaining friends is basically like dating, and when you’ve found the one you’re meant to be with, you’ll just know. Sometimes, BFFs are so close that they might even act or dress alike. And let’s be honest: The joyful sensation you get whenpeople think your best friend is your sister is unlike any other.

A best friend is like having a soulmate and a sister all in one. You’ll share pretty much everything, enjoy the same activities, and get to know one another better than you know yourselves. You’ll know what it is to build one another giggle, and how to applaud one another up when times are tough.If you happen to share any distinguishing features i.e. curly hair or thick glasses you’ve probably been mistaken for relatives more than once, too. Here are six things you can totally relate to if people think your best friend is your sister.

1. You Get Called By The Wrong Name

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Those who may not know you as well might mix you and your bestie up for awhile, but that’s entirely OK. It’s truly NBD, as long as they try to learn who’s who. When it’s a professor who knows you both and gets you disorient, though, something might be a little wrong. Perhaps you two simply appear the same from the back.

2. You’ve Accepted Your Similar Fashion Tastes

If you and your daughter get mixed up a lot, you might seem more alike than you are familiar. It wholly won’t aid if you share the same tastes in fashion, but at least you will both look entirely fantastic together. The sister look is in RN, anyways.

3. You Know Only How To Answer The Questions

Are you sisters? No. Cousins? Still no.

You’ve heard them all, from twins, to cousins, to step-sisters. Actually, though, you’re not associated. It might take some convincing, so sometimes it’s easier only to say that you’re actually sisters.

4. Your Bestie Basically Is Your Sister By Now

Best friends pretty much act like siblings anyway, so you may as well just say you’re sisters. You steal each other’s clothes, know each other’s families, and occasionally sleep in each other’s couches. You were clearly meant to be sisters, so there’s a lot of lost is high time to make up for.

5. It’s Become An Inside Joke

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While you’re polite to everyone who confuses the two of you, you totally laugh behind their backs. Sometimes, you feel like two complete strangers, and sometimes you’re the same person, but everyone else seems to think you’re siblings. It happens so often that it’s only funny now, so how else are you supposed to react?

6. You( Not So) Secretly Wish You Were Sisters

You already love each other like household, and at this level, you’d devote just about anything to actually be sisters. Sometimes you’ll even tell strangers that you are related, because you look like it and act like it, so why not? All you’re missing is the biological factor, but that’s not even that important. #SistersForLife.

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