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This elegant Evil Eye Sterling Silver bracelet is handmade in Turkey with their world renowned superb craftsmanship and shipped in an elegant red suede pouch as shown. The item comes with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.What is Evil Eye? The evil eye is a look that is believed by many cultures to cause injury or bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike and even for admiration. The idea expressed by the term causes many cultures to pursue protective measures against it. It started in classical Greece and later passed onto ancient Rome. It is believed that some people -beyond their control- have power in their looks that can harm other people, domestic animals, goods or property. To have an “evil eye” is not the person’s fault, it may come upon anyone. Once a person has the “evil eye” he or she can unintentionally bring harm to whoever or whatever he or she looks at. It’s also believed that this power comes from the eyes, the two exit points of the soul. This accessory is worn as a protector from that “evil eye”. Unlike other versions of Evil Eye items that are mostly kept as home or office décor this one comes with you everywhere to protect you whenever you need protection from the “evil eyes”. May good fortune be with you at all times!

Product Features

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  • Comes in an Elegant jewelry giftbox as shown
  • Made in Turkey with their world-renowned superb craftsmanship.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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