PinExt - AGENDA fashion handmade bracelet a great gift for any woman made of natural druzy & lava stones


The black onyx or lava stone is connected to the elements of fire and earth.

Wearing black onyx strengthens your connection to Mother Earth.

These stones are known for their healing and protective properties; and many use black onyx as a grounding stone.

If you feel as though your life has spiraled out of control, wearing a black onyx bracelet can provide you with stability.

It will help dissipate anger and assist you in finding understanding in all situations. The Druzy charm offsets the dark onyx and provides a beautiful and glamorous accent.


Bracelet measures 7 3/4 inches in circumference (unstretched) and 9/16 inches in total width. This is a standard length for a bracelet and will fit most wrists measuring between 14cm (loosely) and 17cm (snugly).


About us:

AGENDA is more than just a business.

We’re a socially responsible company that provides opportunities for everyone.

Many of our employees struggle with disabilities that make it hard to hold down a job. We offer them a chance to expand their opportunities while helping us create high-quality products that everyone loves.


Product Features

  • The AGENDA black bracelet is the perfect accessory to any outfit. Wearing one of these gorgeous bracelets is the perfect way to dress up a simple pair of jeans and t-shirt outfit, but it’s also the perfect complement to your little black dress or other evening wear.
  • This elegant accessory is sure to catch the eye and its stunning appearance will shine through whether it’s day or night, or a casual or formal event.
  • Each AGENDA black bracelet is handmade from natural Druzy stone and black onyx. This means that every bracelet is slightly different due to variations in the size, color, and shape of the stones. Yours will be a ONE-OF-A-KIND piece.
  • The druzy stone size is approximately 1.5 X 0.8 inch and each lava stone diameter is around 0.4 inch
  • The AGENDA black bracelet is strung on stretchy material so it will fit any size wrist. It’s designed for maximum comfort.

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