Why Lifetime Jewelry? Because You Deserve It!

Exclusive Fine Fashion Jewelry (20″ Chain) Virgin Guadalupe Pendant Necklace made in USA from real 24 Karat gold laid over a heart of semi-precious metals.

Available from the makers of the best lifetime guaranteed jewelry you can buy since 1978. Sold for a fraction of the cost of what other retail stores charge for similar, but lower quality jewelry. None offer a complete lifetime guarantee like we do – against any and all defects. Buy it once – wear it for a lifetime!

What makes it better?

20mls of 24 karat gold in each chain and Virgen Guadalupe necklace – 10 times more gold than in the cheaper electroplate that changes color quickly. We only use 24k gold (THE PUREST form of gold) instead of 10k or 14k! No cheap base metals like steel, copper (turns green) or nickel (toxic). Our trade secret is in the special SEMI-PRECIOUS alloy of the best bonding metals we use to ensure the look of solid gold and its long life.

Our prices are insanely good, purchase while supplies last. Your cross is covered with a special protection coating to guard against tarnishing.

If your pendant necklace get damaged/wear in any way, WE FIX OR REPLACE IT FOR FREE!

The Lobster Clasp is very sturdy – FAR SUPERIOR in strength and style, prettier and easier to use. Ends of each 24K overlay gold chain are soldered for extra strength.

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Product Features

  • KEEP HIM CLOSE – Wear this Stunning Sacred Pendant next to your heart as a reminder of His love, protection and guidance.
  • INSPIRE OTHERS – Silently show your faith with beauty and style.
  • WEAR IT FOR A LIFETIME – Designed strong to last for the rest of your life, you can always fall back on our 100% FREE LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE against damage or wear.
  • HAVE THE LOOK AND FEEL OF SOLID GOLD – at a fraction of the cost.
  • SAVE YOUR MONEY – Why pay more when you can have something just as beautiful as the real thing?