PinExt - Bella Hadid Talks Being Financially Independent: "I Won't Sit On My Ass And Do Nothing"

If you’ve ever scrolled through social media, opened a magazine, or turned on a television you know who Bella Hadid is. She is one of the more difficult running simulates in the industry, and persist in strut her material to the top.

The youngest Hadid sister hasbeen signed to IMG Models since 2014, and is proud to say that she’s been financially self-sufficient since 18.

It’s no accident that Hadid is literally everywhere. In a recent interview with during Paris Fashion Week, the 20 -year-old model admitted that it’s hard to say no to different projects and campaigns.

I also hate mentioning no to things, which is my worst quality. Right now it’s hard. It’s a lot.

A lot is an understatement. Hadid is constantly on the road and working.

In the past two months I’ve had three days off I had 40 minutes off yesterday. I get tired.

You hear that? A whole 40 minutes! Hadid says that her work ethic comes from her parents.

Her billionaire father, Mohamed Hadid, came to America and worked to become the giant real estate mogul that he is. Hadid mentioned,

I ascertained my daddy come to America and have to start fresh and build up to what he has now. He left Palestine and came to America when he was older and started constructing the money he has now. People can say whatever they crave about him, but I know how hard he worked to get where he is now.

You may recognize Hadid’s mom, Yolanda Hadid, from, her modeling career, or newest book, .

This lady is also extremely hardworking, and has been her whole life.

My mom had to ride her bike to get to school every morning in Holland. There’s no way I can sit on my ass and do nothing. The only thing I can do to repay them is work as hard as they did. I never liked spending my parents’ money, so when I turned 17 and I was able to start having my own career, the only thing I genuinely wanted was to be financially independent by the time I was 18, which I purposed up doing.

So, ambition is necessary genetic? Can I blame my mothers for my laziness? Ultimately, things are going my way.

That work ethic is definitely treating Hadid well. According to, the supermodel has a net worth of$ 3 million.

Hadid is creeping closer to totally defeating the simulate world. Her French agent, Julien Clisson, said Hadid has completed in one year what most frameworks are able to do in ten.

What’s next for Hadid? Eventually, she wants to trade the modeling life for mission trips.

I’ve done a lot of the goals and targets I’ve had, but there’s ever time to improve and things to do, and I won’t be done in a very long time. I definitely have a lot to learn and a lot of things to move forward with.

TBH, I really wish Hadid was my friend, she seems so cool and down to ground. Can’t wait to see what’s next in Hadid’s career.

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