PinExt - BEST Exam Gadget Bluetooth Spy Glasses Digital Micro Earpiece Set

Advanced and professional exam gadget – Spy Glasses – is designed especially for setting up secret communication between you and your assistant during exams, tests, speeches and other situations when covert help is needed.
Bluetooth Spy Glasses Set includes spy glasses and a digital micro earpiece. The Spy Glasses can boast of highly sensitive in-built microphone, so your assistant will hear your secret signs or whisper. Digital micro earpiece is the smallest earpiece ever created. It has black color, in-ear wireless design and super small size (8 * 4.2 mm). The earpiece is fully hidden inside the ear, and no one will ever notice that you are getting help in real time. Your assistant can be anywhere, even miles away from you – you will hear one another.
– Works with all cell phones;
– Suits for people of any eyesight;
– Wireless in-ear earpiece with clear sound quality;
– Sensitive in-built microphone for secret talk;
– Easy-to-use and safe device.
– Charge the Glasses and insert a battery into earpiece
– Turn on Bluetooth on your cell phone and the Glasses – connect the devices.
– Put on the glasses and the earpiece.
– Make/receive a phone call from your assistant to start secret conversation.
– Listen to your friend telling you the replies, make signs to him through the microphone.
With Bluetooth Spy Glasses Digital Micro Earpiece Set you will always know what to say even in the most puzzling situation. No difficult exams, no tiresome preparation with GSM Earpiece.
– Bluetooth Spy Glasses, – Nano wireless earpiece, – USB cable for charging, – 2 Alkaline batteries, – User manual.
GSM Earpiece ships WORLDWIDE. We also provide a warranty. For any questions feel free to write us anytime.

Product Features

  • BEST EXAM GADGET guarantees secret communication at exams and tests
  • The SMALLEST earpiece ever created – wireless, in-ear Digital micro earpiece
  • SPY GLASSES with Bluetooth & super sensitive in-built microphone
  • Spy glasses exam set SUITS FOR all cell phones and people regardless of the eyesight
  • You get READY-TO-USE micro earpiece set with additional batteries

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