PinExt - Bowflex Tricep Rope

“Tricep rope helps build strong triceps and biceps. Extra long 43″” length, for better, more effective triceps extensions. Durable, thick rope. High-quality rubberized ends. Large carabiner for easy hookup. Product Features Build stronger, more defined triceps and biceps with this custom-designed triceps rope! Extra long length (43″”) provides better, more effective triceps extensions than shorter ropes! Longer Bowflex triceps rope allows full extension of triceps muscles Shorter ropes make the user spread forearms outward at the end of the repetition–shifting the work to other muscles, not the triceps! Many ropes on the market are as short as 29″” — a full foot shorter than the Bowflex triceps rope! Durable, thick rope is built to last through your toughest workouts! High-quality rubberized ends provide comfortable support! Includes an extra carabiner to allow you to hook into one or both cables on your Bowflex home gym!”

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