PinExt - Bowflex UpperCut

“Develop bigger arms, shredded shoulders, rock hard abs and a chiseled chest with the Bowflex UpperCut. Presses, pikes, flies and dives — you’ll work your body in ways you can’t do alone, with perfect form, every rep, every time. Product Features Included with every UpperCut order: Bowflex UpperCut Bowflex Body Weight Loss Plan: Simple to follow, easy to maintain and designed to provide you with long-term weight-loss success. Dirty Dozen Workout Poster: The 12 essential UpperCut moves you’ll need to master for the ultimate Bowflex body. Mobile Web App Workouts: Free web app for iPhone and Android introduces you to five previously impossible exercises to get you tore up from the floor up. UpperCut Manual: Detailed user’s guide to get you started quickly. The Science Behind UpperCut The Bowflex UpperCut’s A.R.C. technology was proven in a southern California university study to activate up to 30% more muscles, enable up to 4X as many reps and deliver incredible control and stability. Over 30 Exercises with Unlimited Variations Presses Build a chest that deserves respect You’ll dig deep with UpperCut presses to build powerful arms and an explosive chest. Can’t do a one handed push up? Now you can. Plus, train harder and smarter with tricep push ups, flying push ups, the menacing “”bird dog”” push up and more. PIKES Get washboard abs and shredded shoulders These killler pikes may leave you begging for mercy, but they’ll reveal those six pack abs and develop broad, powerful shoulders. FLYS This move shouldn’t even be possible Seriously. You can’t do a move like this with any other piece of equipment. Nothing will fire up your core, back, abs and legs like the Bowflex UpperCut . Knock out these shredding fly variations to define, sculpt and tear it up. DIVES Fire your core and light up your lats Your abs will scream and your lats will cry for mommy. These deceptively simple-looking moves will punish you mercilessly, but the payback is the Bowflex Body you deserve.”

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