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A WATCH, PHONE AND GPS DEVICE ALL WRAPPED INTO ONE! Caref GPS Phone Watch lets you keep track of kids using assisted GPS location services and lets you send and receive calls just like a cell phone. You can locate your kids, send text messages, set “safe-zone” geo-fence boundaries and track location history all from your mobile app. Caref GPS Phone Watch has an SOS button for emergencies and will send you alerts should your child wander outside the safe zone. A monthly data plan subscription is required. Plans range from $9.95 – $21.95 depending on usage and can be activated by downloading the free mobile app on your iOS Apple or Android devices. Precise Innovation is the only authorized distributor of Caref GPS Phone Watch in the United States. We ship direct from our warehouse and manage the apps and data plans. Beware of other sellers on Amazon or elsewhere that may not have accurate information about the product. NOTE: The Caref package contains a colorful USB cable and charger. Before using Caref, please charge it for at least one hour. The cable is inserted in the port as seen here: Caref will last 24-48 hours based on calls placed/received. Treat it like a cell phone, which is typically charged at the end of a day. Hold down on the Power Button for three seconds to turn on your Caref On or Off. VERY IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you take your watch outside for 5 minutes so it can get a good GPS “fix” the first time you use it. A best “fix” occurs when you have an unobstructed view of the sky.

Product Features

  • Locate your child from a mobile phone or tablet
  • Send and receive phone calls to and from the watch
  • Receive SOS button alerts and phone calls
  • Send text message to the watch
  • Monthly data plan required, starting at $9.95 per month

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