Hunters in Alaska can now track and kill hibernating endures thanks to a U.S. House and Senate resolution rolling back Obama-era regulations against the practice.

President Donald Trumpsigned the bill into statuteon Monday, which rolled back Alaskas ban on killing the vulnerable births, along with wolf cubs in dens. It also allows for hunters to target the animals from helicopters.

The Republican-sponsored legislation impacts 76.8 million acres of federally safeguarded national saves across Alaska.

Sens.Lisa Murkowski( R-Alaska) and Dan Sullivan( R-Alaska) took to the Senate floor last month to denounce the previous regulationthat the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued in August.

Murkowski called it bad for Alaska, bad for hunters, bad for our native peoples, bad for America, and a direct attack on states rights.

In Sullivans debate, the lawmaker said the change was for Alaskans who value hunting as a deep part of their culture.

The Humane Society of the United States condemned the rollback.

What the House did today should shock the conscience of every animal lover in America, told Humane Society CEO Wayne Pacelle in a statement. If the Senate and chairman concur, well discover wolf households killed in their lairs[ and] births chased down by planes.

Rep. Don Young( R-Alaska ), who introduced the measure, argued that states rights were being infringed upon by the rule.

We have to recognize this is not about the little polar bears, the little grizzly births or wolves on tv, this is about the states right to oversee not permitting the federal government to do so, Young said in witnes in February. We want to be able to take and oversee our fish and game for the sustainable harvest so that our fish and game will be there forever.

Brett Hartl, government affairs administrator at the Center for Biological Diversity, said killing predators in such acruel, unsportsmanlike style is outrageous.

Senate Republican have shown just how mean-spirited and petty they are with todays poll, he said in a statement in accordance with the passed measure in March.

Young used to say if Alaskans werent happy with the bill, they should stop re-electing him .

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