PinExt - Did an NRA spokesperson really say she wanted to fist the New York Times?

97e6a90cdc8808bf - Did an NRA spokesperson really say she wanted to fist the New York Times?

NRAspokesperson Dana Loeschhas built waves recently with her viral videos in which she has stimulated flippant Holocaust jokes about the CNN-Donald Trump feudand has used vitriol and rage to motivate excitement among conservatives and Second Amendment enthusiasts.

Now, people are wondering if she wants to fist the New York Times .

In her latest video, Loesch on Thursday went after the newspaper, mentioning shes had it with your narratives, your propaganda, your fake news your constant protection of your Democrat overloads and that were coming for you.

But at the 29 -second mark of the video, Loesch mystified some Twitter users when she appeared, on first listen to say, Were going to fist the New York Times

At least, thats what some people believed, especially since the hashtag on the video was # ClenchedFistofTruth . That included status updates from the Times Adam Goldmanand the Washington Posts Dave Weigel, both of whom have since deleted their initial tweets that wondered why Loesch had use the word fist.

But no, thats not what she mentioned. She didnt actually connotes she wanted to put her fist into an orifice of the newspaper. Instead, what she mentioned was fiskwhich, according to Your Dictionary, means to criticize and refute( a written article or arguing ), particularly in point-by-point or line-by-line style on a blog.

And Loesch was outraged she had been misinterpreted.

OK, she told fisk and not fisk. I hope everybody here has learned something, if you actually stuck around for the debate.

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