PinExt - Dinner Set, 12 Place Settings Feston Design

Most Fine China/Porcelain sets are sold with 5 pieces for each person. This set has those, plus serving platters, tureen, serving bowls and gravy boat and salt and pepper dish. Making the way I have packaged them the highest value. In this set, those are not extras that also need to be purchased.* 12 Flat Plates 9.75″ Diameter* 12 Salad Plates 7.5″ Diameter* 12 Pasta/Soup Bowls 9″ Diameter* 1 Round Platter/Server 11.5″ Diameter* 1 Oval Platter/Server 13.5″L X 9″W* 1 Oval Platter/Server 11.5″L X 8″W* 1 Oval Platter/Server 9″L X 6″W* Gravy Boat ?15.2 oz. of Fluid* 1 Serving Bowl 10″ Diameter* 1Serving Bowl 9″ Diameter* Soup Tureen 101.1 oz. of Fluid* 1 Salt/Pepper Pincher 0.02 oz. of Fuid* 24kt gold accent* Hand Made* Made by Cmiel?w Porcelana in Poland* Not reccommended for Dishwasher* Not Microwavable? ? ? ? ?45 pieces complete this set for 12 Place Settings, with the Cobalt Feston Design and gold accent this set wonderfully combines taste and function as you serve in style. The color matches my blue motif that I use in my kitchen.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?KasiaCmiel?w has been creating the finest china porcelain since 1790, through border and country changes. Their passion for their craft lives on today.

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