PinExt - Generic Stainless Steel Soap and Holder

Stainless Steel Soap is a boon for the modern kitchen. It removes the strong odors of garlic, onion & fish and never wears out. Enjoy fine cooking without the smelly aftermath. TRY IT AFTER WORKING ON YOUR CAR, BOAT, FISHING, ETC? Simply run cold water over the bar and rub it on your hands (like a bar of soap) to remove the strongest odors. High Grade Stainless Steel 18/10. Dishwasher safe. Keep dry between uses. How It Works This is speculation on my part – if you know more about the chemistry behind this phenomenon, please feel free to write me. It makes sense to me that the sulfur from the onion/garlic/fish would be attracted to and bind with one or more of the metals in stainless steel. Formation of such compounds is what makes stainless steel stainless, after all. Onions and garlic contain amino acid sulfoxides, which form sulfenic acids, which then form a volatile gas (propanethiol S-oxide), which forms sulfuric acid upon exposure to water. These compounds are responsible for burning your eyes while cutting onions and also for their characteristic scent. If the sulfur compounds bind to the steel, then the odor is removed from your fingers. Great Gift For Men Too!

Product Features

  • Made of stainless steel, Measures 3.46(L)*1.88(H) inch
  • Remove any unwanted smells or odors from your hands after handling things such as onion, garlic, fish etc
  • Soap lasts for years; no soap scum; no hazardous ingredients added to water
  • Included soap dish for secure storage by kitchen sink

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