PinExt - Guan Ci Yellow Glaze Flowers and Birds Chinese Porcelain Tea Set

Xu Guoming is good at traditional Chinese realistic painting famille rose in flowers, birds, grass and insects. His works are quite popular by ceramists and collectors from Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, HongKong, Taiwan, Macau and many other regions. The combination of Jing De Zhen famille rose porcelain and traditional Chinese realistic painting skills is becoming the mos important part of Chinese ceramic art. It is one of the famous four traditional porcelain in Jing De Zhen. In the meanwhile, it is also the most plentiful decoration porcelain that known as “Soft Famille Rose”. This tea set have exquisite productive techniques, thin body and glaze, spread top mouth and golden rim. Inside with white and outside with yellow glaze. It is one of the basic traditional Han Nationality’s porcelain, with smooth glaze, clear surface and noble temperament. It uses famille rose decoration as the expressive form, combine with the traditional Chinese realistic painting techniques, which result in the graceful posture birds with bright piercing eyes, blooming peonies with appropriate red and green which symbolizes “rich”, lines combine with both inflexibility and yielding, magnificent colors but not disordered.

Product Features

  • Includes one tea pot, five tea cups and five saucers
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Size: Teapot: Top Diameter: 6 cm. Bottom Diameter: 8 cm. Body Diameter: 20 cm. Height: 19 cm. Teacup: Top Diameter: 7 cm. Height: 6 cm
  • Famille rose decoration
  • Artist: Xu Guoming (Senior craft artist of JiangXi province). Made in Jing De Zhen, China

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