PinExt - Handmade Hip Leather Friendship Braided Blue Criss Cross 4 Earth Bracelets Mayan Jewelry Women and Men

About the bracelet: It tells us a story of the creation of the Earth. Each bracelet has its own unique meaning to correspond with the story; one representing the earth, sun, stars and moon. The next bracelet symbolizes water and wind, followed by plants, animals, and people, and the last bracelet represents the love that connects them all. Story behind the art: Wakami means, “it already is” in Kaqchikel, a Guatemalan Mayan language. For Wakami, the ideal world already exists and it is inside of every human being. Wakami believes that when people are truly connected with their dreams and are given an opportunity, they rise to the occasion to make their dreams reality. It stands behind the adventure of living life to the fullest, bringing positivity to the world and sharing it with others. Wakami products are messengers of the essence, culture and stories of all human beings, so we, the people, can remember that our dreams can come to life. Wakami products tell stories of us… “People of the Earth”. Guatemalan people, mostly women, who dream of prosperity for them and their families, make these bracelets. They dream of having healthy children with access to education. Wakami partners with Communities of the Earth (NGO) so that groups of people can receive the necessary training, including money management, community development, nutrition, and education, to become part of the economic system of the country. Communities of the Earth is the “coach” of these communities on entrepreneurial training and on hand crafting skills, so they can create new sustainable businesses. Our artisans become entrepreneurs!!! Now more than 460 producers and their families have been included in Wakami’s value chain. Wakami is their first client. Wakami encourages people, from producers to consumers, to connect with themselves, with one another, and with the Earth! Wakami is a certified B-Corporation and is member of World Fair Trade Organization WFTO.

Product Features

  • 4 couple strand bracelet crafted so that each strand can be worn one by one or all together.
  • ADJUSTABLE designs, easy to use pull cords and slide knot design fits 6.5 to 11.5 inches (1 beaded band) and cute Wakami labeled secure button closures fits < 7.5" (3 bands)
  • Bracelets represent the meaning of the yin and yang and karma symbols. It’s energy reminds us to look for balance and embrace the natural relationship between the earth, sun, stars, moon, and humans.
  • Perfect simple, inspirational, genuine love gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend, him or her, husband or wife, couples, girls or boys, mothers or fathers, etc.
  • Impact: Wakami products are messengers and connectors of the essence, culture, and stories of all human beings. Wakami connects close to 460 rural and urban artisans, mostly women, with global citizens of more than 20 countries around the world, through designed handmade accessories.

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