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( CNN) Beef jerky, bottled water, and Fireball whiskey. This is where my travel began, at the grocery store, buying “survival” items on Thanksgiving Day.

I was meant to join a gaggle of hollering children at the kids’ table. But Gatsby, my ex-race-horse-turned-ungrateful-teenager, had just spiked a 105 -degree fever. I was in for a long night.
I hurried back to the barn, parked, locked my automobile, and started heading in. But something stopped me in my ways: a familiar, gravitational drag which begins as a small reckon in the back of my mind, and pushes its way front and middle within a matter of seconds. The sum of all its parts become greater than logic, evidence and fact.

Screaming and jump-start in the air, upon encountering a small animal strolling on the street.

Crafting a Houdini-style escape from an realm, and trampling someone’s rose garden.

Kicking me with his monster horseshoes … because he didn’t wishes to take a bath.