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Ah, Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, awkward family summer gatherings, pool parties, and torso shaming. When else can you eventually unleash your totally awesome summer bod while gratifying in hot dogs and potato salad while chugging a beer? Perhaps Spring Break and the Fourth of July and every other vaguely American holiday in existence, but we digress. Of course, there are repercussions to these actions( what? Why ?). If you indulge in the salty, fatty, bubbly concoction of shit served at the barbecue, your hard-worked-for summer torso will melt away like your sunscreen from weird spots on your bod. Let us help you. Here are the top 10 things to reach for at this weekends Memorial Day barbecue that wont have your vintage denim shorts journeying high in your ass later.

1. Beans

If youre scrounging around for a side, stick with the most musical of fruits even though its a legume and not a goddamn fruit. Beans, although they can be soaked in sauces and shit, are full of folate and fiber, both of which will do more for you than the pile of mayonnaise with clods of potato in it.

2. Watermelon

Weve said it before, and well say it again: Watermelon is what Jesus would feed if he wanted to stay hydrated and skinny. Its full of water, savours great, has literally no calories, and is filling if you feed enough of it. Plus, all the water is good for your skinso, actually, this is a win-win situation.

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3. Corn On The Cob

Lest we forget that this staple of summertime is, in fact a vegetable. If its grilled, its a healthy and not-terrible-for-you-at-all side that you can actually enjoy. Spraying on a little butter, salt, and pepper and youre good to go. Try not to move the Mexican street corn route and slather it in mayo, cheese, and spices although that does sound fairly goddamn good

4. Vinegar-Based Coleslaw

Coleslaw is candidly a weird side in general. Who thought of this? HEY MA I’mma secured some shredded cabbage with mayo and spices and call it a veggie! Anyway, if it ISNT the mayonnaise-drenched variety, seem free to indulge. The vinegar( if its the apple cider variety) can rev your metabolism and the cabbage are a lot of nutrients and vitamins.

5. Steak

If the host or hostess of this backyard barbecue are rich enough to be serving everyone steak OR are being misers and cubing it for kebabs, grab it while you are able to. Although ruby-red meat has its issues, its candidly better for you than a giant burger or tube of whodunit meat since its full of protein and vitamins. Just recollect 3 oz. is all you needwhich would be about the size of your iPhone 7. I intend, Anna Wintour has a steak every day for lunch, and anyone who envisions Anna Wintour is wrong about anything is severely disturbed.

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6. Chicken

In line with steak, a lean grilled chicken breast is a great alternative for the center of your barbecue plateas are chicken kebobs. So long as it isnt fried or stifled in cheese, chicken will get you your protein fixing, keep you satisfied, and simply clocks in at about 150 calories for a breast.

7. Water

Our carrying friend water saves the working day again. Obviously youll be wanting to hit up the bar, but chugging a few bottles of water between your snacks and boozes will keep you from diving into the macaroni salad or brownie tray. Plus, youre outside, so like, be hydrated.

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8. On The Rocks

If youre booze liquor, and plainly you are, hop-skip the beer and the mixed shit and threw everything on the rocks with a clue of citrus. Want a margarita? No, you want tequila over ice with a splashing of lime. How about vodka? Add some ice and some fresh crushed watermelon and youre good to go. Retain the calories away with fruit, liquor, and ice.

9. Fruit

Any decent barbecue has a shit ton of fresh fruit. I intend, its the damn bounty of the season, right? There should be plenty of pineapple, berries, pears, you fucking name it. Fill up on all this shit before the real meat even comes out. That route, your stomach will be imploring you to stop before you even think about smores and cheeseburgers.

10. Crudits

Same rule applies to cruditsaka a veggie platter for the non-bougie among us. Aunt Delilah will surely bring a giant crudit tray to the barbecue for nibbling. Grab one tonne of celery, tomatoes, and cucumbers and get to work. SKIP that nasty ranch dip because ranch is for fatties. Im not even sorrythat shit is disgusting. If you MUST dip, find some guacamole or salsa. The veggies will help fill you up to prevent your sausage thumbs from grabbing another beer or plate of macaroni.

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