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Another season of premiered last nighttime, and I think we can all breathe a sigh of aid that Rachel left those fugly-ass mustard colored shorts at home. Though I would bet my brunch reservations that we have not learnt the last of those monstrosities. My guess is she brings those out right before hometown dates as a test to recognize which of “the mens” will break their ABC contracts to avoid being learnt with a grown-up girl wearing yellow cut-offs. Smart, Rachel. V smart.

I will say that Rachel looked flawless last nighttime. Like, if my life were as put together as those barrel curl then I would not be anonymously roasting people on the internet rn. Sighs. I guess we all have our crosses to carry. But back to Rachel appearing fine AF. She chose to go the traditional itinerary with classic barrel curl, glossy lips, and a dress that shines brighter than Nicks dancing career. Which is actually a aid because Nicks season ofwas ratchet AF and I was low-key nervous that Christen might have DMd Rachel on Instagram trying to construct cheetah patterned headbands happen.

unnamed - How To Steal Rachel Lindsay's 'Bachelorette' Look

Stop trying to make animal publish happen, CHRISTEN. Its never going to happen. Now please go back to the suburban mall you crawled out of.

Thank GOD Rachel wasnt contributed astray by Nicks rejects trolling for more Instagram adherents any members of her squad. And because Im literally obsessed with her seem from last nighttime Ive detailed all the ways to steal her seem so you too can be courted by tickle ogres and psychos who are speak to people through a doll. Blessings.

The Hair

Rachels hair was on point last nighttime and it was all because she brought out the classic barrel curl, a staple amongst the Bachelor Nation community. Barrel curls is a seem that hollers Im ready for love or, more accurately, I’m ready to spend the next 3-5 years swapping STD’s with failed casting each member of a network reality demonstrate.* coughing* NICK* coughing* If thats what you crave your whisker to say about you too, then you should definitely invest in Hot Tools 1″ Flipperless Gold Curling Wand. Its great for faking salon style whisker( though no one tell my stylist Susi this, I’m worried she might tell the powers that be to construct me wait another the three months to book an appointment at that godforsaken place) and its got a ton of temperature sets so you wont sabotage your hair.

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The Eyes

If theres one thing Bachelor Nation has taught me, its that you are able to never get any screen time with your own eyelashes. Nope , not gonna happen. If you want to construct 31 men embarrass themselves on national television fall in love with you after 3.5 seconds of meeting you, then youre gonna require eyelash expansions. Its the only way. Get eyelash expansions is a process and theres tons of shit that goes into choosing the best ones for you personally, but if youre seeming the need to treat yourself waste your paycheck then you are able to def waste it on One Two Cosmetics magnetic flog expansions. Theyre relatively inexpensive as far as eyelash expansions go and SUPER easy to use. Like, easy enough that even The Twins could figure it out, so theres truly no forgive not to buy this shit.

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The Lips

Night one every Bachelorette tries to play it safe with their makeup lest they scare any potential suitors off with a bold lip. Its boring and safe but Chad would have murdered Jordan Rodgers and his whole household nighttime one had he learnt Jordan walking around with red lipstick all over his face. Your go-to is going to be L’ORAL Paris Infallible Never Fail Lipgloss. Its not super pricey and its staying power is longer than that grotesque kiss Bryan, 37, Chiropractor gave Rachel.

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The Dress

THANK GOD someone gave this girl a stylist, because I was super nervous Rachel would fuck up her dress option if turn left her own machines. For a smart girl with a law degree she sure knows how to pick the cheapest dress in a department store clearance segment. Case in level 😛 TAGEND

rachel - How To Steal Rachel Lindsay's 'Bachelorette' Look

Is it a romper? A dress? A tribal published garbage bag to match her suitors’ personalities? It’s really hard to tell. That being said, she preferred a gorgeousalbeit basicsparkly flooring duration gown that did not, shockingly, show off her cleavage but did show off the fact that she is classy AF. And since we are dont all have giant-ass manors to test 31 mens affection in, Ive picked a more casual version for you to use for your own purposes. This ASOS 90 s inspired cami dress is perfect for a fancier date nighttime or a Saturday DTF night, is dependent on what youre into. Either way youre going to look and feel like youre better than everybody else and thats truly all you are able to strive for in an outfit.

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And there you have it. Youre now ready for your own season of, unless you dont have enough of an Instagram following or you have more of a personality than a gently salted cracker, in which instance youre simply “re ready for” Bumble. Similar to but with less dates that objective in contractually obliged participations and more dates ending in would you like to split the bill? May the odds be ever in your favor, ladies.

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