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Summer’s in full swing, and that entails the makeup-melting temperatures are here to remain. But if you’re feeling the need to hang up your brushes till things cool off, some of YouTube and Instagram’s top makeup gurus have a sweet look to try before you do: Ice cream makeup tutorials are here to show you how to master the perfect eclectic summer look.

Ice cream makeup is definitely this year’s most playful tendency so far, featuring deliciously realistic, brightly colored “melting” ice cream dripping down artists’ foreheads and cheeks, accessorized with things like drawn-on scatters, bits of cone, and candies.

YouTuber Madeyewlook, known for her ultrarealistic and super-creepy fright makeup, posted a step-by-step of the seem behavior back in 2014, and YouTuber and Instagrammer Desi Perkins posted a tutorial for Halloween 2016, but the appear is just now hitting Instagram.

The resurgence in ice cream makeup’s popularity seems to be thanks to Reddit user hiimkaylaa, who posted her version, which involved not only “ice cream” on her face, but also ice cream cone accessories filled with Play-Doh, on June 14. Now, tons of’ grammars posting their unique takes on this makeover treat.

And, since Instagram ever pushes trends to the peak of ingenuity, some folks have moved beyond drawn-on accouterments and have used actual sprinkles, actual cones for hairpieces, and sparkles to glam up the already eye-catching look.

Check out some of the most creative ice cream makeup Instagrams below.

dupeblack‘s take over this look brings in real scatters and a beautiful blue eyeliner.

This version by makeup_byshonna has a wicked 3-D effect stimulated even more realistic by her cone hairpiece.

These makeup artists’ snaps are total inspiration, and luckily we have just the tutorial to get you started creating your own ice cream makeup.

Desi Perkins on YouTube

More product tips for crafting this seem “re coming out” hiimkaylaa, who shared her full list( Play-Doh aside) in her Reddit thread. Products she used included: Sephora’s Make Up For Ever Flash Palette for her face and lips; the Morphe x KathleenLights eyeshadow palette for shading; SFX gelatin trickles; and Milani Conceal+ Perfect foundation.

This trend seems to be merely getting started, so keep an eye on the #icecreammakeup tag on Instagram for more summer sweetness.

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