PinExt - Intrinsic Zest Authentic Handmade Chakra Bracelet (8mm)

Our 100% Authentic Handmade Chakra Bracelets are a great center piece of Spirituality and Balance. Not one Bracelet will ever look the same, because we use REAL Gemstones, meaning your bracelet is unique to you! Below is a list of the Gemstones that we used that are associated with your specific 7 Major Chakras. Turquoise Jasper Carnelian Aventurine Lapis Lazuli Red Jasper Amethyst Jade

Product Features

  • Our beautiful handmade Chakra bracelets are made up of 100% natural 8 mm gemstone beads
  • Each Chakra Bracelet has a special “OM” prayer engraved to an obsidian bead
  • Each Chakra bracelet is placed under the sun to activate the stones
  • Each Chakra bracelet comes with a special hand picked prayer stone
  • Unisex, so it can be worn by Men and Women & Shipping take 7 business days or less.

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