PinExt - ISABEL INY Kristen Women Handmade Necklace Tibetan Buddha Pendant, Grey Agates, African Beads

We are excited to announce the collaboration between, Amazon and bdirect-Online featuring our Exclusive Amazon Assortment of beautifully designed ISABEL INY Handmade Jewelry. Each Exotic piece will only be available on Amazon- handmade personally by Isabel and her Team-quantities are limited. Isabel believes in creating pieces that enhance a person’s unique personal style versus succumbing to trends. She believes in quality over quantity; many of her pieces can be worn as necklace or wrap bracelets, allowing for fewer and better quality pieces. Isabel Iny Designs are one of a kind, handmade to perfection and never mass- produced. The materials used are sourced from different parts of the world such as, Nepal, Turkey, Afghanistan and Israel. Isabel Carefully selects the beads, stones and pendants she uses, as she wants only the highest quality possible. Isabel knows every little detail in her jewelry pieces represent something great. That is why each and every Isabel Iny piece is carefully made by hand. Isabel trained artist create every single piece as a reflection of her heart and soul. As an end result customers feel unique and special every time they wear their Isabel Iny masterpiece.

Product Features

  • HAND CRAFTED: Our necklaces are designed from the vision of renowned West Coast Jewelry Designer ISABEL INY. Each piece is hand crafted by her Team of Jewelry Makers here is the USA.
  • RARE: Distribution of her jewelry is extremely limited as no two pieces are exactly the same–making your ISABEL Piece extremely unique and rare.
  • UNIQUE: The Kristen Necklace by ISABEL INY is a unique design. It is hand-crocheted with gray agates, silver coated African beads and a handmade Tibetan Buddha.
  • STYLISH: About 36″ long. Great for lifestyle wear, will surely become one of your most favorite pieces to wear!

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