PinExt - Justin Bieber, Like The Rest of Us, Doesnt Know The Words To "Despacito"

despacito - Justin Bieber, Like The Rest of Us, Doesnt Know The Words To "Despacito"

If you go to any pregame right now, theres a 1000% possibility that youll recognize some drunk girls trying to sing along to the “Despacito Remix” with Justin Bieber. Its a fucking banger. Were experts at singing along to chants we dont actually know, but “Despacito” takes it up a notch with lyrics that arent even in English.

We were wondering if we should look up the lyrics and dedicate ourselves an impromptu Spanish lesson, but it appears that Justin Bieber doesnt even know the words to his own song. Yeah. On the track, Biebs sings fluently in Spanish, voicing super natural and ridiculously sexy. We initially had a moment where we belief does Justin speak Spanish ?, but then we took some shoots and stopped caring.

Earlier this week, Justin was at 1OAK in New York( damn it, where was I ?), when they dedicated him the mic for his current number 1 carol. It didnt move so hot. The only term he actually sang was despacito, and he replaced the rest of the Spanish part with blah blah blah. So basically, Justin did exactly what we all do when “Despacito” comes on. But it’s simply okay where reference is do it. To be fair, Justin was probably fairly drunk considering this was at a nightclub, but its likewise safe to say that his Spanish likely isnt great even when hes sober.

Were not sure whether this really qualifies as cultural appropriation like some people on the internet are saying, but it definitely qualifies as Justin Bieber doing stupid shit again. But like, who the fuck really cares? This was a club performance , not a concerted effort. Did anybody pay to see Justin , not including encompas to get into the club? Precisely. I’m sure everyone at 1Oak was too drunk to GAF anyway, and if I know drunk peoplewhich I do, being one myself no less than 78% of the timethey probably received it hysterical. At ease, internet.

Like, sure, if we were famous for singing wed most likely want to memorize the words to our own song, but maybe thats only us being overachievers. We cant wait to see if “Despacito” builds the lineup for his next tour.

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