PinExt - Lace shorts for men have officially arrivedbut theyve always been an option

d6265a2f7faff2c7 - Lace shorts for men have officially arrivedbut theyve always been an option

As if RompHim wasn’t enough, there’s a new garb line for men who feel too insecure to only wear whatever they feel like. Hologram City is selling cord shirts and shorts designed specifically for, you guessed it, men.

The L.A.-based clothing brand’s notion is straightforward: Marketplace cord clothing to humen so humankinds can put on lace without seeming like their masculinity is being challenged. With see-through cloth that lets spectators take a peek at guys’ lower regions, boys can put down around $30 to $50 for everything from lace shorts to lace-collar shirts. Because apparently, it’s too much to ask men to wear the same lace apparel that ladies regularly put on, but it’s not too much to attain the focus of that attire a man’s bulge.

Let’s, for a second, is equitable to Hologram City. Lace is traditionally gendered as a” women’s clothing fabric ,” so it is nice to see boys get their own lace care. That’s good.

But these “for men” garb lines aren’t trying to challenge the behavior people think about gender. Just look at the RompHim. As if humankinds necessity an excuse to go out and buy a romper. Why not just buy one in your size that already exists? Why the need to distinguish it as male and call it a “Him”?

Hologram City’s models aren’t exactly pushing out a femme image, either. Most of them are buff, muscular dudes. They’re much more likely to brag about reading Infinite Jest than, tell, praise transgender fiction. Hologram’s message is pretty clear: Men can wear cord and still appear hip, masculine, and powerful. That image really isn’t doing much for breaking down gender roles in garment , now is it?

The fashion industry needs to stop trying to attain “feminine-but-masculine” clothes a thing, as if humen aren’t allowed to simply wander into the women’s part and start trying things on. Let boys be as femme as they want to be, just as girls should be allowed to dress in masculine clothing if they choose to.

As it is, men are forced into a very tight binary when it comes to clothes. They should feel free to try out attires, tights, spandex. No one should be only stays with the option of full-fabric gasps. Let’s give men some room to breathe.

But not too much. Then this is gonna be manspreading and nobody craves that.

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