PinExt - Leather Wrap Bracelet Turn into Necklace,Bronze with Swarovski Crystal 24 Karat Gold Pendants Handmade by SEA-Smadar

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Gold Plated Lead Embellishments Stunning Elegant Adjustable Perfect Gift – Handmade by SEA Smadar Eliasaf Jewelry Art


A woman can never have too many pieces of jewelry! This leather wrap bracelet captivates your attention from the get-go, so you won’t be able to resist its charm and allure – rest assured it will make a wonderful addition to your collection.

Elegant: The bracelet is made with plush, high quality leather that is soft and comfy, while imparting a sophisticated vibe.

Multiple Colors: These Swarovski bracelets for women are available in an array of exciting colors such as gold, silver, bronze, black, red, etc.

Embellishments: The entire bracelet is covered with leaf-shaped elements 24 karat gold plated. It looks gorgeous, while the crowning glory surely goes to the oval Swarovski crystal entwined with the clasp. As you can see, the carved stone features fine cuts, which accentuate its uniqueness and make the bracelet, look even more chic.

Easy to Wear: Jewelry for women should feature a hassle-free design. No one likes a bangle or bracelet with complex clasps or fastening mechanisms. For this bracelet, all you have to do is fix the clasp and you are good to go. Moreover, the wristlet can be adjusted as per your comfort level – you can choose to either extend or reduce the length.

Design by: SEA Smadar Eliasaf Jewelry Art.

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Product Features

  • Versatile – Multi-purpose jewelry is the “in thing” these days. Wouldn’t you like a piece that can be worn in more than one way? This leather wrap bracelet is 55 cm long, and can double as a beautiful necklace as well.
  • Comfortable – At times, bracelets could be too tight or overly loose, which totally spoils the overall appearance. However, you can adjust this bangle by reducing or extending it, so it sits snugly on your wrist without leaving deep marks or falling off! The clasp makes it easy to put on and take off.
  • Centerpiece – A single oval Swarovski crystal rules the roost in the middle, and is intertwined with the clasp. It holds your attention right from the start, and looks all the more exquisite when it catches light (shade of crystal depends on the bracelet color). You can clearly make out every facet of the stone.
  • Leaf Elements – Depending upon the color you choose, the bracelet is adorned with 24 karat gold plated leaves. They look stunning and compliment the Swarovski crystal perfectly. Spacers have also been added for a wholesome aura.
  • Amazing Gift for Her – Clueless about what to buy your special someone on Valentine’s Day? This bracelet will be the ideal gift. She will love it and appreciate your great taste in jewelry too.

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