PinExt - Lindsay Lohan Could Be Finally Making A Comeback

lindsay 0 - Lindsay Lohan Could Be Finally Making A Comeback

ICYMI: Tyra Banks is starring in a sequel to where the barbie doll Eve is woken up by sorcery to assist a woman “learn to live and love again.” That is wayyyyy too fucking close to being “live, laugh, love, ” so you’ll want to be halfway to blackout when you watch this movie. Anyway, the coming week Tyra delivered the most important point Tyra Mail ever. Lindsay Lohan might be joining her in the sequel.

Tbt when LiLo hadn’t fulfilled Paris Hilton yet, didn’t have a coke problem, and hadn’t tried to transformed into Islam. It was a simpler time with her natural hair color and face shape. Tyra said that she has been

First of all, why the fuck is Tyra calling Linds “Ms. Lohan? ” Like, this is a girl whose comeback movie was supposed to be, so we can all drop-off the faux respect. Second, Lindsay wants to do a lot of shit that will never happen. Like regain her credibility as an actress. So I’m not going to hold my breather waiting for this to happen. But let’s be honest, the sequel wouldn’t actually be without Lindsayit’d just has become a weird cult cinema with Tyra Banks on Freeform.

It’s unclear why Lindsay wouldn’t want to be in the film. Would filming take away important time from her busy schedule of doing nothing? Will she try to use this film to satisfy a court-ordered community service requirement like that weird London play she was in? I don’t know. I don’t have the answers. What I do know is we need to get Lindsay Lohan through this filming at all costs. I don’t care if I personally have to inject her in the heart with that drugthere will be a and she will be in it, so help me God.

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