PinExt - Magnetic Floating Globe, Levitation Rotating Ball LED Illuminated World Map Earth for Desktop Office Home Decor Kids Education (Gold, 6'' Globe)

Installation Steps:
1. Please place the levitation device on a absolutely horizontal surface;
2. Keep the equatorial level, then hold the globe with two hands, place it at 10cm above the center of the base, move down at the same time;
3. When the globe drops to about 2cm above the center of the base, horizontal movement to look for the balance points;
4. If you feel that the earth is no longer attracted by a strong magnet base, and the led light around the base lights up stably at the same time; please release your hands;
5.This position is the levitation place which is 12mm-15mm over the base. If you fail for the first time, please do not give up. You can try it again with the small auxiliary tool.

Warm Tips:
1. Don’t unplug the power adapter without remove the globe first, or the globe will pound the base.
2. Powerful magnet! Please keep this item at least 20cm away from computer devices and other electronic devices and metal.
3. When the globe rotates too fast or appears a beating phenomenon, please reposition the globe. Otherwise, the base overheat, and the device will produce over-current protection, automatic power off. Over heat will shorten the service life.

Product Name: Magnetic levitation floating globe
Material: ABS plastic, Acrylic
Color: Blue, Gold
Global Diameter: 140mm
Base Diameter: 180mm
Input Range: 100V-240V
Output Power: 12V 1500mA
Floating distance: 12mm-5mm
Package Weight: 1.5kg

Package Included:
1 x Globe world map ball
1 x Base
1 x Plug Adapter
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • CREATIVE HIGH-TECH GADGET: The stable levitation of an object using only an electromagnetic base located below the object. Floating and rotating in mid-air, with blue LED light that makes it look very cool in the dark. The globe suspension in the air. Make you feel awesome high-tech thing
  • STABILITY AND LONG-TIME WORK: Ancient technique of magnetism, once you get the gadget levitating, it will rotate smoothly and light. It can work all the time unless you cut off the power. Once the magnetic balance point is broken with external force, the ball will be attached on the base
  • A PERFECT GIFT OR DECORATION: As a decor that goes well with any style of home and office furnishings. This also is a quite educational toy gifts for your kids. It could not only enables you teach your kids with the world map geography knowledge, but also arouse interests to the Levitating science mysteries. A best gift for your friends, families and colleagues at Christmas, birthday or holiday, gains favor in people of all ages
  • HOW TO USE: Make sure unit is installed on a flat surface. Hold the globe with two hands and put the globe vertically over the center of the base. You can use the accessory to find the center point. When you feel a strong force, let the globe go. The globe will levitate, and the LED will light. Just give it a little spin, the globe rotate. Please control the speed of rotation, otherwise the base will over heat
  • SATISFIED CUSTOMER SERVICE AND QUALITY: It might not Easy for your first try to put the globe floating in the air. Please be patiented to practice several attempts. Please feel free to drop us email if you still can’t successful. We provide 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

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