PinExt - MateoJo Espresso Coffee Maker - 6 Cup

Designed for a premium coffee experience , your 6 cup aluminum stovetop espresso coffee maker from MateoJo serves you in the traditional old-world style, now with fun!

Based on a traditional design, it is a time proven preference for a truly great coffee – makes 6 doppios (2 ounce shots)!

Built to last, easy to operate, simple to clean. You get a rich full flavored coffee that can almost stand-up a spoon, nearly a syrup. The MateoJo stovetop espresso coffee maker provides that coffee jolt that launches a morning, recovers an afternoon, or extends an evening

The playful bicycle bean packaging makes a great presentation for a gift. It’s fun to receive . Very easy to use. Detailed instructions are included in every box and great support from MateoJo is always available. You get full access with instructions, tips, recipes, and more. Plus an 800 number and web access for easy support. Everyone will feel like a professional barista starting with the first cup.

More than a great coffee maker, you’re backed by a 100% No Questions Asked Satisfaction Guarantee available only from MateoJo.

Product Features

  • ➤You’ll love your MateoJo Stovetop Espresso Maker. It’s easy to use and makes great espresso in minutes.
  • ➤Easy to follow instructions are included in every box. Just place your water in the bottom, coffee in the middle, and heat it up! The top portion fills with a deep flavored mocha brew.
  • ➤Great to drink however you like – straight, twist of lemon, sugar? Makes excellent coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos – an old world Italian favorite.
  • ➤24 Hour email support from a family business that cares. There’s an 800 number too! And don’t forget it’s backed by MateoJo’s No Questions Asked 100% Guarantee.
  • ➤It’s a new product and we’re already receiving great reviews! Here’s what our customers say: “This is one awesome espresso maker!” “Fantastic product, more than surpassed my expectations.” “I wish I would’ve had one of these along time ago.”

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