If you thought news about the upcoming iPhone 8 would quiet down anytime soon, were you mistaken. In the most recent iPhone news, YouTuber Danny Winget is claiming to have the final versions of iPhone 8 dummies. Winget’s latest video shows what he claims to be the three phone colors thatwe’ll be seeing come fall.

Two of the colors are pretty standard, but one of them has the internet up in arms. Folks can’t be determined whether they like the copper gold iPhone 8model shown in the video, and they’ve taken to Twitter to express their guess about it. The thing about this new copper amber( or bronze) iPhone is that it doesn’t actually differ much from the previous rose gold version.

In the video, Winget mentions that it’s likely Apple will stick to releasing this colouring along with a white and black version in order to appeal to the fashion mob, and I honestly think it looks great. Winget also says that the colour tones of mockups are typically a bit off and the bronze iPhone might appear a little different when the actual phone is released.

I’m reckoning Apple decided to go for a more bronze iPhone to appeal to a wider audience, but you can see for yourself below.