Patagonia determined an astounding $10 million in Black Friday sales five times its own anticipations and, as promised, will donate every penny toward helping save the environment .~ ATAGEND

The high-end outdoor apparel and gear retailer announced the record-breaking carry Monday, mentioning the “enormous love” its patrons proved to the planet will benefit hundreds of grassroots environmental organizations around the world.

Company spokeswoman Corley Kenna told The Huffington Post that the idea which patrons reportedly took to calling a “fundraiser for the earth” surfaced during an internal brainstorming meeting following the U.S. general elections. Patagonia, she mentioned, was looking for something to showcase the best interests of the environmental issues and climate change.

“We felt that these were issues that united us and I think this is a demonstration that people concur, ” Kenna told HuffPost. “Our clients agree.”

Patagonia gear will no doubt be a common vision this winter season. But it’s possible we won’t ensure President-elect Donald Trump sporting one of the company’s fleece jackets anytime soon.

Trump has repeatedly called climate change issues a “hoax” and issurrounding himself with like-minded deniers . He has promised to pull the U.S. out of the historic Paris climate deal, cut all federal spending on the issue, increase America’s production of coal, oil and natural gas, and do away with Obama administration regulations aimed at cutting emissions.

The Republican, who prides himself on his business savvy, has received backlash from hundreds of big businesses, including Patagonia, which mention failure to keep the U.S. in the Paris pact “puts American prosperity at risk.”

Patagonia said in a liberate that the money generated from its Black Friday initiative will go to grassroots environmental groups many of which are small, underfunded and under the radar that are “working on the front line to safeguard our air, sea and soil for future generations.”

“The science is telling us loud and clear: We have a problem, ” the company told. “By get active in communities, we can create our voices to protect policies and regulations that will protect wild places and wildlife, reduce carbon emissions, build a modern energy economy based on investment in renewables, and, most crucially, ensure the United States remains fully committed to the vital goals set forth in the Paris Agreement on climate change.”

Patagonia has been a longtime steward to the protection of the environment, donating 1 percent of its daily world marketings to green causes and advising its customers to buy fewer jackets to combat the fashion industry’s wasteful culture. Earlier this month, it announced itsre \\\ collect line of coats and other gear, which are made of “as many recycled materials as possible.”

Kenna told HuffPost the company’s Black Friday initiative didn’t include discounted items, but still outlined thousands of first-time Patagonia customers.

“We’re just really humbled and grateful to our customers for coming over here, ” Kenna said.

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