PinExt - Porcelain Steak on a Stone Set of 6

All of the component parts that make up the Porcelain Rock Set have been specially sourced for their suitability. These hand-selected components guarantee the perfect platform from which to enjoy the fantastic experience. 6 x White Porcelain Plate (34.5cm x 22cm x 4.5cm) 6 x Cooking Stone (16cm x 16cm x 3.2cm) 6 x Stainless Steal Under Plate

Product Features

  • Steak on a Stone is a meal experience like no other. A meal where you have the opportunity to cook your food exactly as you like. The Steak on a Stone Set creates mouth-watering food, for use at home, dinner parties, or as a gift, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Simply heat your rock in the oven or on the hob, choose a selection of tasty accompaniments and present your choice of meat, fish or vegetables on your rock to create a truly sensational meal!.
  • The Porcelain Rock Set can be heated till they are sizzling hot or can be chilled till they are freezing cold and serve any desert on them. Your rock can either be heated in a conventional oven or on a gas or electric hob. This takes between 20-60mins depending on the method you use. You should place your protective stainless steel under plate into the recess in your porcelain plate in preparation for holding the heated rock.
  • Then, when you are ready to dine, simply serve up your side dishes and place your heated rock into the stainless steel under plate with a pair of quality oven gloves and tongs. Place your chosen meat, fish or vegetarian option onto your heated rock and serve up the sizzling platter to your amazed guests. It is then up to the diner to cut off slices and cook as they wish on the rock.

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