PinExt - Principal Who Says Only 'Size Zero Or Two' Girls Can Wear Leggings Apologizes For Statement

taylor  oPt - Principal Who Says Only 'Size Zero Or Two' Girls Can Wear Leggings Apologizes For Statement

Heather Taylor will never look at a pair of leggings the same way again.

On Tuesday, the Stratford High School principal gave a speech to her 10 th grade class where she made body shaming remarks against daughters wearing leggings who are not a “size zero or a two.”

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Based on a recording obtained by ABC News 4, the South Carolina educator told the students 😛 TAGEND

“( Leggings are) meant to wear underneath a long shirt that encompasses your heiny, or a long sweater of some type, or a dress. It is not meant to be your actual gasps, and if you have a shirt that comes to here, then you are showing everything. Yes, everything … The sad thing is with that, dames — if someone has not “ve told you” this before, I’m going to tell you this now — unless you are a size zero or a two, and you wear something like that, even though you are not fat, you look fat.”

Once the quote ran viral, the Berkeley County School District employee received a flood of backlash for her “poor choice of words.” One commenter wrote on a now-deleted Facebook post:

“I hope your statement about the children weight didn’t push them over to dedicating inconceivable acts … You are responsible for all of the children that go to your school. Due to your poor choice of words you may have instilled a lot of horrible things in the student community.”

On Thursday, Taylor released the following statement mentioning she did not intend “to hurt or offend any of my students in any way” 😛 TAGEND

“Yesterday and this morning, I met with each class of the Stratford High School student body. I addressed a comment made during a 10 th grade assembly and shared from my heart that my intention was not to hurt or offend any of my students in any way. I assured them all that I am one of their biggest devotees and invested in their success. After speaks with our students and receiving their subsistence, I am confident that, together, we are ready to move forward and have a wonderful time. Stratford High is a very caring community, and I want to thank all of our parents and students who have offered their support to me and provided me with an opportunity to directly address their concern. I am very proud to be a Stratford Knight.”

On Friday, a group of senior students wrote and recited a letter of support to their principal where they acknowledge she used “human” and can “make mistakes” just like anybody else.

The exchange was filmed and posted on Facebook. Ensure it( below ):

[ Image via Berkeley County School District .]