PinExt - Rhythm Clocks Gadget Magic Motion Clock, Black

GADGET Musical Motion Clock by Rhythm CLOCKS Rhythm’s Gadget Clock includes a temperature gauge and hygrometer (humidity measurement) and features motion… plus, of course, it tells the time! On the hour, the gears take over and move while the Dial makes a full revolution and one of the 30 melodies plays. The Gadget includes 6 Swarovski crystals and a continuously rotating gears pendulum near the bottom of the clock. The Gadget Clock plays 12 Popular Melodies or 12 Classic Melodies or 6 Christmas Songs

Product Features

  • Automatic Night-time Shut Off.
  • Demonstration Button.
  • Volume Control and On/Off switch
  • 2″ diameter sized batteries are included
  • Clock measures 16.1″ H x 15.4″ W

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