Don’t be overcome by stress, anxiety or lack of focus; get a tri fidget spinner from SEMCO Products and get relief.

Do you struggle from lack of focus? Suffer with ADD, ADHD, autism, stress, anxiety? Do you want to get rid of bad habits like SMOKING or NAIL BITING? Then get a SEMCO Products – Fidget Spinner, an innovative anxiety-relief toy that helps you get the focus you need to overcome life’s daily struggles and even BOREDOM.

Quiet, Supportive, Fun

Made for children and adults alike, our fidget spinner features smooth rolling bearings that spin and rotate fast to keep your fingers and hands busy. This spinning effect helps ease overwhelming feelings and keep your mind focused so you can relax and unwind.

Compact and Travel Friendly

Coming in three different colors, our fidgeting toy is color, easy to use, and small enough to fit in your pocket. And because it’s ultra-quiet, you can use it at work, in the classroom, or even at home; and no one will even notice.


  • Hold the spinner in one hand, or you can place it on flat surface
  • Use other hand to spin it rapidly
  • Enjoy and view our spinner long-lasting spinning time!
  • Product Details:

    • Tri Fidget Spinner
    • Smooth, Ultra-Quiet Operation
    • Strong,ABS Plastic Durable Frame
    • Durable 608 Ceramic Bearings
    • Compact Travel Size
    • Available Colors: Black, Red or White
    • Adults and Children
    • New Design GIFT Box

    Get your tri fidget spinner now by clicking “Add to Cart” above and start finding stress relief and gaining focus every day.

    Product Features

    • ALLEVIATE STRESS & ANXIETY – Relieve ADD, ADHD, and fidgeting with this anxiety relief fidget toy that helps you focus at work, school, home or quitting bad habits. Be calm regardless of your environment.
    • GAIN BETTER FOCUS – Keeping your fingers busy by spinning our smooth bearings can be a reminder to focus, stop biting fingernails, or even to stop smoking. With this new design tri- spinner your kids can increase their creativeness and concentration, and also they can enjoy a fun time, learning new skills with this awesome hand toy.
    • QUIET & COMPACT – Easy to carry, small enough to fit in a pocket, purse, or backpack, take this discrete and fun tri-spinner with you to work, school, or busy places where you get overwhelmed.
    • HYBRID CERAMIC BEARINGS – The smooth rolling bearings with Zr03 balls, which uses the latest low-friction technology and round edges spin rapidly and smooth for up to 2-3 minutes. They’re also extremely durable for long-lasting personal support.
    • THREE COLOR VARIATIONS – These fun and relaxing fidget toys come in 3 unique colors including BLACK, RED and WHITE to match you or your children specific style.