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About the Soul Shell Collection – The Perfect Gift for Ocean Lovers

Inspired by a love of exploration and experiencing the wonders of the world’s oceans, the entire Soul Shell collection is lovingly designed and created on Bali — one of the most magical islands on earth.

Swimming with sea turtles on a shimmering reef in the Coral Triangle, exploring an empty beach on a tropical island, or catching a ride on a perfect wave — these are the adventures that inspire the creators of Soul Shell jewelry to design a one-of-a-kind collection of beautiful Sterling Silver jewelry for ocean lovers.

Artisan Silver Jewelry from The Island of the Gods

Carefully crafted by hand in our Bali studio, each Soul Shell piece begins as a sculptural design forged in pure Sterling Silver. Each piece is cast by hand individually in our Bali studio to create one of our unique designs, nothing we do is ever mass produced or anything other than completely original.

Once created, every Soul Shell piece is carefully polished and finished by our artisan silversmiths in Bali.

After being certified to Soul Shell’s exacting standards, your piece is carefully wrapped in a vintage earthtone Javanese Batik fabric gift bag, sealed with a drawstring of woven gold colored thread and placed in a custom made gift box.

Every Soul Shell design features exquisite, hand-etched detailing that perfectly captures the gentle grace of a sea turtle’s wing, the sensuous curve of a seashell, or the simple elegance of a Bird of Paradise feather.

The entire Soul Shell collection is the perfect gift for your favorite ocean lover.

Product Features

  • ✓ HANDMADE SILVER FEATHER NECKLACE: Carved by hand in our Bali studio one piece at a time
  • ✓ ORIGINAL JEWELRY DESIGNS: Unique designs created by artisan silversmiths for ocean lovers like you
  • ✓100% PURE 925 STERLING SILVER: Elemental silver is blended with metal alloy in the Soul Shell jewelry studio from scratch to create durable designs to last a lifetime
  • ✓UNIQUE GIFT BAG & GIFT BOX: Your jewelry is protected by a handmade artisan Batik fabric gift bag (fabric pattern may vary somewhat from the one pictured here)
  • ✓ FREE WARRANTY: Your Soul Shell piece is built to last using the highest quality materials available (CHAIN NOT INCLUDED)

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