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What better behavior to motivate yourself to work off those sugar-infused Long Island Iced Teas youll be drinking all summer than spending more fund on overpriced leggings and athletics bras? Im talking about athleisure that absorbs your sweat, continues you cool, but still induces you look as hot as Gigi Hadid. If you dont know what athleisure is, ask Siri or think of those leggings you shamelessly wear weekly and dont laundry, because this is the 21 st fucking century. Like, get with the times, because I dont feel like explain. This has been officially a thing since last year aka when it was actually added to the dictionary, so possibilities are if you have any way appreciation, you already own Lululemon leggings and a athletics push-up bra from like, Victorias Secret. Whether its to get Starbucks, leave your fuck chum house, or( god preclude) go to the gym for once , no one has ever questioned your whereabouts because your athleisure outfit can get away with any occasion.

If youre plan on clowning everyone that you give a shit enough about your body to get off the lounge and stop binge-watching, youre going to have to expand your hot athleisure wardrobe for summer-proof parts you mightkey word: “might”also be able to draw off at the bar. Typically being comfy and looking DTF dont go together, but if youre smart about your options, you can get away with it. Dreams do come true if you merely drink enough believe.

1. Sheer Bralette

When you have yoga at 11 am and brunch at 12:30 pm, the Nina Bralette is your go-to. The super lightweight and stretchy fabric will ease you into all your downward facing dog poses, while also cooling you off with its sheer straps. Youll feel refreshed and look cute enough to simply change into a skirt before drinking as many bellinis as it takes to defeat the purpose of working out. Or, you can totally just say “fuck it” and buy this regardless because its cute as inferno. Namastay at the bar, bitches.

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2. Strappy Tank

What happens at the gym, stays at the gym. If youre going to actually exercise and break a sweat( ugh ), no one outside of that facility should have to see all that back sweat. Its bad enough you wont be rocking a full contour when you leave. Youll need something with an open back and as many air hole as possible. Wear a lightweight tank you can adjust and layer over a athletics bra, such as the Gypset Goddess x Alo Clarity Tank. If youre seeming extra scandalous and havent done laundry( again) for a nighttime out, wear this with a backless bra, high waisted jeans, and your fave pumps. Youll be comfortable and look hot.

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3. Mesh Leggings

Unless you live under a fucking stone, youve probably understood every person you follow on Instagram sporting this mesh tendency in one form of clothing or another. Full-length leggings with mesh panels on both the back and the front, like the Varley Windsor Black Legging, allows researchers to take those long runs on the beach without fears of looking like you pis yourself. Theyre composed of permeable and quick dry fabric so you look just as good after the running as you did before. Even if its only because you “ve been given” after 10 30 seconds. I wont tell if you dont.

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4. Sleek Jacket

Whether youre leaving a torment cycling class or operating errands, the CHICHI Serena Bomber is essential for adding street flair to any appear. Throw over a strappy bra after an intensive workout or a v chic bodycon if you want to look as loosened as your attire does. Little do they know you stressed out about it for an hour and changed 15 periods before leaving the house.

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5. Baseball Cap

I dont typically advocate for hat whisker, but this is only for emergency cases such as like, being too hungover to rinse your whisker or trying to impress that hot guy who always has his arm days on Thursdays. You can totally convince him youre into like, athletics and material( whatever that entails) and yes, youve had this luck hat eternally, and no, you didnt merely buy it online from Shop Betches.

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