PinExt - Super Solvers - Gizmos & Gadgets!

The challenging racing game thatmakes physical science fun!Product InformationMorty Maxwell the Master of Mischief has taken over the Shady Glen TechnologyCenter and claims he can build the best auto air and alternative energyvehicles.Now he’s challenging all Super Solvers to outrace him. To winyou’ll need to build the fastest vehicle. But first you’ll have to collectall the parts you need for your racing gizmo.  Solve science puzzles featuringeveryday gadgets such as wheelbarrows and wrenches skateboards and scissors. Then it’s off to the races where you’ll meet Morty and prove that you’rethe real master of science!Product FeaturesMore than 260 puzzles and simulations help you understand the physicalscience principles found in everyday items.Eight different puzzle types independently adjust to your skill level.Fast-paced action all-new character voices and spoken help turn scienceinto an exciting learning adventure!Skills LearnedPhysical ScienceMathLogical ReasoningProblem SolvingCritical Thinking  Windows Requirements Windows 3.1/95/98/Me 486/66 MHz or better 16MB RAM 256-color SVGA 2x speed drive Windows-compatible sound card speakers MouseMacintosh Requirements System 7.1 or higher 68040 or better 8MB RAM 256-color display 2X speed drive Speakers Mouse  

Product Features

  • Physical Science
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Problem-Solving

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