PinExt - 'Tacky' & 'Disrespectful' Khlo Kardashian Slammed By Designer Destiney Bleu For Trying To 'Silence' Her!

khloe kardashian destiney bleu battle feud instagram 2  oPt - 'Tacky' & 'Disrespectful' Khlo Kardashian Slammed By Designer Destiney Bleu For Trying To 'Silence' Her!

Shit is going down!

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In the newest turn of events, Destiney isn’t going down without a fight because she’s bringing out the receipts! Along with her lawyer Stephen McArthur, she put together a statement in response to Khlo’s letter, which TooFab published on Friday:

“You demand that Destiney ‘cease and desist’ her ‘false statements, ‘ ‘make an appropriate corrective statement, ‘ and ‘that[ Destiney’s] trolls stop assaulting[ Khloe Kardashian’s] social media channels.’ However, your attempt to censor Destiney with these meritless threats will have the opposite of its intended effect. Destiney will not surrender to your bullying … If you continue this meritless bully and follow through with filing a suit, we will welcome national courts to situate you straight … It is not illegal for Khloe to copy Destiney’s designs — it is just tacky, disrespectful, and in bad taste. There is also something deeply uncomfortable about person with Khloe’s wealth and power appropriating intends and fashion directly from a black lady with a small business without crediting her, attaining inexpensive knockoffs, and then attempting to threaten her into silence. You should be ashamed.”

Additionally, it turns out Khlo’s former stylist Monica Rose is involved, as her deputy messaged Destiney about samples for the celeb. So, that’s concerning considering the Kardashian has reportedly threatened to sue Monica too…

Basically, things aren’t looking good for Kris Jenner‘s daughter — especially as the paper trail between the two teams is pretty damning.

Ch-ch-check them out HERE!

Do U imagine Khlo is lying? Or is Destiney in the wrong?

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