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We all know by now that the number one thing you can do in life to fuck up your skin is are inadequate to take off your makeup properly. That and like , not booze so much alcohol, but only one of those options is truly feasible for the average betchs modern lifestyle. Unfortunately for those of us who usually come home some combining of tired/ drunk and are generally lazy, there are a lot of steps to actually taking your makeup off that run style beyond soap and sea. Like, apparently Q-Tips should be involved? Im candidly shocked. Likewise I continually fail to understand the presence of cucumbers in our charm regimens. I intend, I dont dislike it, I only dont understand it. Which is most things in life, I guess.

While we all hope to come home after work and wholly remove every tracing of grime from our pores and thoroughly exfoliate our post-workday skin, we all know that this dream is basically bullshit. In reality you will most likely stumble home at the end of the night, splash sea on your face, and walk out of the bathroom with the days mascara still amply applied to your lashes.

In order to illustrate this phenomenon, check out Betches Video’s latest “How To Take Off Your Makeup Expectations Vs. Reality” video and is just like, “omg this is me.” Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more funny videos just like this one.

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