Summer is upon us, which means its time to start watching everyone live their best lives on Instagram. A favorite pastime of mine. Tbh I low-key stalk Instagram thots year-round; summer is just the season thats coming up currently. Im also intrigued by the batty AF trends people will try out during fall, winter, spring, Coachella, and Ariel Winters weekly cry for help. Basically I just watch a scary amount of Instagram stories. Its v healthy. That being said, my newest obsession is following beauty bloggers on Instagram aka the people that make me want to like the unicorn trend. *shudders* But theres a lot of basics out there rn claiming theyre beauty influencers when really theyre girls with an iPhone and a MAC palette. Which is why Ive put together this comprehensive list of beauty bloggers you need to follow, like, right now.

1. @mayramnyc

Theres two reasons to follow MaryamNYC: one, shes a sorceress when it comes to eye makeup tutorials and she is the reason I dont leave the house looking like a street urchin (most) mornings. The second reason you should follow her is because shes self-taught. As in, no one taught her shit about makeup she just, like, knows how to do it. Ill just let that sink in for a moment. I stand by my earlier sorceress comment.

2. @jamescharles

Ugh I hate when boys are prettier than me. For those of you whove been productive members of society living under a rock, James Charles was the first male ambassador for CoverGirl and hes only 17. SEVENTEEN. When I was 17 I was wearing chunky belts from Wet Seal, meanwhile this kid is on fucking billboards in Times Square. But thats neither here nor there. I suggest following him if you want to feel bad about your wasted youth.

3. @styledbyhrush

When this bitch isnt slaying at beauty, her side hustle is being a permanent member of the Kardashian/Jenner glam squad. So, respect. Idk what intrigues me more about her account, wanting to know all her beauty secretslike how tf she gets her cheekbones to look that goodor if she knows wtf actually happened at Kourtney Kardashians bday party. So. Many. Questions.

4. @makeupshayla

Weve mentioned this betch before because her feed is legit Coachella goals and shes getting an honorable mention from me again because dammit I cannot stop looking at this girl and all her glittery boho vibes. Keep doing you, boo.

5. @chrisspy

It could be the pink hair or the pouty selfies that Im sure only have 50% to do with makeup, but this girl is giving me some strong Kylie Jenner vibes rn. But instead of, like, whispering incoherent shit in her Snap story, this girl is actually helpful. Her YouTube videos are v instructive, plus she’s got a brand with Urban Decay so you know she knows her shit.

6. @thegabrielzamora

Once again, another man who has better cheekbones than me. *internally screams* Though hes new to the beauty world, this kid is kicking ass and working with some top beauty brands like MAC Cosmetics and Michelle Phans Ipsy. Plus hes seriously making be want to dye my hair electric blue so thats where Im at rn.

K, Im just going to go backwards stalk myself now to see where it all went wrong for my blossoming career as an Instagram beauty blogger. Though if I had to pick a moment in time it would probs be the year my mother forced me to get bangs. Just saying. 

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