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In spite of presenting up to class hungover after dollar brew nighttimes almost every week, you still built it to graduation. Congratulations betch, youre about to leave the best time of your life and simply be in the rest of their own lives. Before you join the real world and have to make small talk with Annie from marketings every Monday morning in the agency kitchen, you need to enjoy your summertime after graduation by some much needed journey. So after you hurl that cap up and attend approximately sixty graduation parties, move explore( aka get drunk in) these cities and celebrate never having to write another newspaper again.

1. Thailand

If only you are able get free miles for every time you ordering pads thai, you are able get a free trip-up to Thailand. Possibilities are this isnt a place you investigated abroad in, so its the perfect candidate for a post-grad trip-up. The Full Moon Party is an all-night party on an island that every visit foreigner is going to be at. Its like the Coachella of Thailand, but with more neon and less cultural appropriation. Well, actually we cant promise the last part, because there will be Aussies there and theyre unpredictable.

2. Road Trip Across The U.S.

This is perfect if youre already moving to a new metropoli, because youre going to have to move your shit somewhere anyway. Road tripping across the U.S. is something you thought about since you learnt Britney in and honestly its worth doing. Just make sure you get a good enough group together so you have someone to switch off driving with you. Plus the more rural you get the cheaper booze is. Bringing a polaroid camera to get some IRL Instagram photos. Wait, are those simply called photos?* gazes off into space for 20 minutes* Also, youll be surprised how fun thrifting is in small town, and youll be able to pick up some dope clothes and finally get rid of your Forever 21 shit from college.

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3. Berlin

Berlin is like the nice guy we friendzoned in freshman year and then get super hot when he started working out. Like, we suppose its a cold metropoli but now its one of the best places to be as a young adult. Everyone speaks English so you can get by without doing much work, and people are friendly to Americans. People enjoy getting naked in clubs, but not in the creepy style. Plus people judge you for having your telephone out at saloons, which means you can actually have a good time off-line and be found in the moment or whatever my mom is constantly screaming at me to do.

4. Australia

Before you have to think about the answer to the whats next question, get on a plane and get as far away from your nervousnes about the future as you possibly can. Australia has hot people, beaches, and adorable koalas. Everyone in Australia is constantly traveling outside of Australia, so you might as well return the favor. Plus even if you dont land the jobs you want, getting bad news while reading to surf from an teacher named Monty isnt such a bad thing.

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5. Iceland

If you dont want to spend money before you actually start working full-time, we got you. Iceland is between Europe and the U.S. and its always cheap to wing there. You likely know it from every Instagram modelings page ever, but you can swim in the Blue Lagoon and who knows, perhaps youll get a new Linkedin headshot out of it. Sure, youll be dressed completely inappropriately but at least everyone will know youre adventurous. Iceland is a beautiful place and inexpensive to visit, which is perfect for your uncertainty about your future.

6. New Orleans

Take a graduation trip-up to New Orleans, trust us. If we had to describe New Orleans wed say its the back tattoo of the South, but like in a good way. NOLA knows how to party. Its a great place if you want to celebrate but still feel like an adult. Like, youve graduated from making out with randos in Mexico on Spring Break, and now youre session strangers while surrounded by one tonne of culture and great music. Plus the next time you come back it will probably be for your bachelorette party and thats not going to be the same. Also Beyonc filmed all of there so you can hit up all the places and pretend to be Bey even more than you normally do.

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7. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is like the Vegas of Europe with less wedding chapels. Everything looks like its taken straight out of a Snow White storybook, so when you get high on the( legal) brownies, you can actually feel like youre a princess from a fairytale. Regrettably if youve get medication tests for your jobs you might want to skip the coffee shops here, but also you could just pass your medication exam and then take a quick vacation before starting work. Plus you can bicycle everywhere here, which means you can work off whatever remaining Freshman 15 you still have on you.

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