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Prepare yourself for the biggest teen drama TV prove slap in the face since Dan Humphrey was revealed to be. Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass isn’t interested in doing a reunion special. To quote Blair Waldorf: “That Chuck Basstard.”

Obviously the end of the prove left us with a lot of questions. When do Serena and Lonely Boy get divorced? Is Lily’s last name Rhodes, Van Der Woodson, Bass, or Humphrey? How did Blair take Hillary Clinton’s campaign loss? How many times has Lil J overdosed? Did Vanessa ever get over herself? Is Nate to participate in the Trump-Russia scandal?

But if Ed, that Mother Chucker, won’t do a reunion we’ll never know. He’s mainly concerned that it’s been too soon since the prove ended, so it’s too early for a reboot. That actually does seem like a fair degree. Plus if Chuck and Blair’s relationship taught us anything, it’s that taking some time apart can save a relationship. Perhaps Ed remembers his line: “If two people[ or millions of people and a TV prove] were meant to be together, they’ll find their way back.”

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But when discussing the reunion potential, Ed had some harsher words. No , not harsher than when he tried to sell Blair for a hotel, but still rough. “I did so much with that character. It’s played out. It’s done.” If he’s talking about the skinny scarf or cravats then he’s absolutely correct. But I guess we won’t be hearing “Because I’m Chuck Bass” anytime soon.

giphy%20%287%29 2 - The Reason Ed Westwick Won't Do A 'Gossip Girl' Reunion

TBH it would’ve been great if somebody would have carried this kind of skepticism before they filmed the heinous reboot.

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