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It’s almost the summer, and that entails one thing. Okay, that entails a lot of things, but one of those things is needless torso positive internet articles. You know the kind I’m talking about: the ones where your run-of-the-mill plus sized person goes to the beach in a bikini, posts some self-congratulatory Facebook post about it, and promptly get picked up by every torso positive website and Upworthy knock-off on the internet. And I’m here to say that it’s got to stop. Wearing a bikini to the beach does not stimulate you brave, and we need to stop promoting the idea that it is.

Here’s the thing. Wearing a bikini to the beach, I don’t care what sizing you are, is not some act of courage or defiance. It is not. It is merely wearing the appropriate suggested attire to a certain place. Do I get 5,000 likes and a fucking HelloGiggles article written about me everytime I wear a tank top when it’s hot outside, or everytime I don’t wear white to a bridal? If I did, my Instagram wouldn’t be so terrible that guys on Bumble have literally unmatched me when I gave them my handle. But this is not about my failings as a dater or Instagram thot. The point is this: Wearing a bikini to the beach is the fucking point of being at the beach. You’re not putting yourself in harm’s way. You’re not even really challenging societal standards that much, since most of our country is fat. You’re truly … not doing much of anything in the grand scheme of things.

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Before you ask, yes, I’m a decently thin person by BMI criteria/ people’s eyes. But you know what? I was fat. I wore two pieces. It was not a big deal. Did it feel like a big deal to me? Yeah, at the time it did. Did I seem worried that people have been continuously judging me? Sure, but the same could be said of me this morning when I walked out of the house with my whisker in a frizzball of a ponytail. But back to being fat at the pond and shit. Did anybody say shit to me? No. Did people snicker behind my back? Likewise no. I wasn’t an adult, but I feel like it was actually worse because I was in middle school, the age when all kids are huge assholes. Yes, felt insecure, but that’s my point: that was my own personal problem. Do I deserve to be hailed as a hero for overcoming my own securities? Perhaps by my therapist, sure, but by information media outlets? Fuck , no.

I’m not saying it’s not a big deal* personally* for someone who’s insecure with their body to rock a bikini at the beach. That’s great for you. You move, Glenn Coco. Pat yourself on the back, brag about it to your friends, I don’t care. Just don’t( unless I personally know you) jostle it in my face as some revolutionary good deed you did. Because the thing about all these articles is that they can pretty much all be summed up as, “Overweight woman[ or only female who’s not a professional modeling] wears swimsuit to the beach. Nobody cares! Faith in humanity restored! ” Which is exactly my point. Nobody cares. Nobody makes a big deal about it. People are too worried about their own bodies/ tans/ day boozing to give a shit about what the stranger a few towels down is doing. So stop heralding people as courageous when they are literally … living their lives and minding their own business and not even causing a conjure. That’s literally the opposite of newsworthy! So let’s stop trying to make it into news, OK?

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