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This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 3. As of the end of Season 7 Episode 2, as Jon departed Winterfell to sail for Dragonstone, two other Starks were becoming their psyches towardshome. At the top of the premiere, we realise Meera drag the sledge up to the gates of Castle Black and requirement entry on their route south. This week the issues to was who got home first? Arya? Or would Bran and Meera arrive at Winterfell ahead of her and explain to Sansa what a Greenseer is on?

Moreover, how would Sansa react to these arrivals? We assume that she and Arya realise each other again will be something of a weepfest on Sansa’s end, because though Arya should be get registered as a professional deadly weapon, as the younger sister she poses no threat to Sansa’s status as Lady of Winterfell.( This doesn’t entail Littlefinger won’t try to turn the sisters against each other down the road or anything. It only means that Sansa will have no reservations regarding letting Arya in .) But Bran is the male trueborn Stark. Technically, he outranks Sansa. Will that factor into his homecoming?

Apparently not! Sansa is all too happy to see her little brother home again, especially in light of how Rickon’s return went last season. Bran is much less moved by his arrival home, but that is more due to his newfound yogi-like inner calm that we got a taste of in the premiere.

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Also? Shout out to Edd, who made up that glorious horse-drawn wagon he hooked Bran up with. Severely y’all, the notion that Meera might have to drag his butt all the way home through the snow was so upsetting to me. Glad to insured the Night’s Watch decided there was a pony to spare, and men to construct him a nice ride.

As for any frets Sansa might have about Bran Stark being put in charge over her because patriarchy, his clear preference for the Godswood and his weir tree should hopefully ease any panics, and likewise help stave off any poison gossip from Littlefinger. He’s the Three Eyed Raven, and he’s going to gibberish on about the Long Night, and she’s not going to understand any of it.

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Even if Littlefinger were to be so foolish, we’re pretty sure after Bran’s little display of greenseeing power, Sansa either wouldn’t be having it, or Bran would call her out if she did.How pretty she appeared on her wedding night, indeed.( To be fair, I 100% agree with Bran’s fashion opinions here. Sansa Wedding Dress# 2 wholly outranked Sansa Wedding Dress# 1. Both are outranked by Margaery Wedding Dress# 1 though. Fight me .)

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