PinExt - Trump tweets creepy church choir MAGA song on Fourth of July

e93b0d20a8768047 - Trump tweets creepy church choir MAGA song on Fourth of July

You knew something like this was coming. President Donald Trump kicked off Independence Day with a tweet featuring a video of a faith choir singing an original “Make America Great Again” song.

And yes, it’s as eerie and terrifying as you’d think it would be.

Featuring close-up shots of mainly middle-aged white peoplewearing matching getups and backed by a giant American flag, the whole thing feels like a dystopian anthem or a piece of explicit propaganda. It’s actually an exclusively real hymn to be provided by First Baptist Church in Dallas Saturday night.

The song was performed as part of an introduction to Trump’s speech during its Celebrate Freedom Rally and was written by the church’s former ministers responsible for music Gary Moore.

The song itself is full of the exact kind of cliches you would expect, with lyrics like” Lift the torch of freedom in all regions of the land/ step into the future joining hand in hand/ and construct America great again .” Trump’s speech that follows is equally saccharine and broad, ending with a targeted one-liner for an audience full of his supporters.” In America we don’t worship government ,” he mentions.” We adore God .”

Twitter, nonetheless, had a ballad of its own to sing in response.

In true-life American internet way, a far more accurate mashup soon appeared. Happy Fourthof July.

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