PinExt - Ultimate Kit 2.0 from Let's Start Coding : Best Advanced Coding and Circuit Kit for Kids Aged 12-15

More Components and More Programs! Use this kit from Let’s Start Coding to build gadgets while exploring computer code.
Designed for beginners who want to have fun & learn something valuable, this kit delivers knowledge in an engaging way.

Combines easy-to-understand electronic gadgets (lights, speaker, buttons, sensors) with pre-written code examples so that you can start learning real code. Inside the ‘code toolbox’, you’ll find electronics including:
– 1 Maker Board microcontroller version 1.1
– 1 Mini Carrier Board v2.1
– 4 pushbuttons
– 3 single color LED lights
– 2 multi color LED lights
– 1 speaker
– 1 light sensor
– 1 sound sensor
– 1 temperature sensor
-1 flexible LED light strip (15 pixels)
– 1 LCD screen (Maker Screen)
Electronics for beginners: no breadboards, resistors, or jumper wires!

Code for beginners: no forums or meaningless exercises, just cool projects to get you started and resources to keep you learning!

Compatible with:
Windows 7,8,10
Mac OS X 7,8,9,10
Linux (no official support)

Internet connection
Free Desktop App (Windows and Mac) or Chrome App (Chromebook) free from our website:

Sept. 2017 Update:
We’ve made Maker Board even better! By adding two fuses to the board, it’s now even less likely that you’ll ‘pop’ an LED in the kit or overpower Maker Board with too many components. This update has also allowed us to remove the fuse from Carrier Board, making a simpler, better kit.

June 2017 Update:
This product now contains Carrier Board 2.0, which has:
– More clear port numbering.
– Snug ports, so components have a more reliable connection.

Includes LED Strip 2.0, which has a connector that makes it easier to plug in and more reliable in your projects.

No longer includes a AA battery pack holder.

Product Features

  • ✔ Ages 12+. Build over 60 hands-on projects as you learn to code!

  • ✔ Free step-by-step online guides to learn the basics of coding

  • ✔ Start coding in 10 minutes! Cards included in the box explain components and how to get started

  • ✔ Software and code examples work on Google Chrome with Windows, Mac, & Chromebook

  • ✔ Includes LED light strip, speaker, sensors, buttons, an LCD screen, and more!

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