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In case you haven’t noticed, we’re living in an age of total modeling dominance the likes of which haven’t beenseensince the 90 s when the Cindys and Kates and Naomis still stalked the Earth and it’swonderful. Upper-class Daily got the chance to speak with two of the moment’s top models, Sara Sampaio and Elsa Hosk, both Victoria’s Secret Angels since 2015, about the changing fashion industry, their way role models, and, of course, how to take the perfect Instagram pic clue: lighting is only part of it.

Elsa Hosk, 28, was a professional basketball musician in Sweden before she trenched the court for the runway full-time. She told us about what makes a VS Angel a great role model.

I belief all of the Angels have really beautiful personalities and we are really care about each other and[ about] being good role model to young girls. We’re all super healthy and take care of ourselves and the people around[ us ].

Sara Sampaio, 26, quoth great work ethic and persistence, which she knows something about having tried out for the VS Fashion Show three times before booking it for the first time in 2013. She told us,

Never give up. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was something I worked so hard for and has been a dream of mine for so long. Just always try to stay positive.

Good advice for all of us, even if we’re not about to walk in the year’s biggestfashion depict. But, just out of curiosity, how you get your torso ready for that demonstrate? Do sit-ups and ditch carbs until you look like Kate Moss?

Apparently not. In fact, when we asked Hosk and Sampaioabout body confidence, both were quick tosay that they steer clear ofcomparing themselves to others.

SS : strong> Everybody is constructs differently, but don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else. It’s way most significant what’s on the inside. For me to stay confident, I just always try to keep a positive attitude and keep up hard work.

EH : strong> There is so much anxiety if you compare yourself to others constantly. In general, comparing yourself to others will get you nowhere because everyone is unique. You have to find an inner confidence. Confidence doesn’t come from what you look like; it comes from what’s inside.

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Victoria’s Secret

When asked which women in the fashion industry she most looked up to, Sampaio rattled off three epithets, all of which were behind-the-scenes manner dames whom she adored for their ability and tendernes , not their long legs and flat abs.

I really admire[ publication Editor-in-chief] Katy Grand,[ casting agent] Anita Bitton, and[ makeup artist] Pat McGrath. I’ve worked with all of them and they are so successful and still are the nicest people ever. They have an astounding maternal style of dealing here you that as a[ female] in the fashion industry is very important and rare.

See, inner beauty. But back to outer charm for two seconds what trends can we look out for the purposes of our autumn?

SS : strong> One of my favorite tendencies is velvet. You can dress it up or dress it down.

EH : strong> See-through tops that can show off your underwear or your bra a bit, if you have a nice-looking bra on like the T-shirt Bra from Victoria’s Secret!

So, see-through velvet tops and T-Shirt bras for autumn got it.

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Sampaio and Hosk are part of amodel instant that countsyoung hotshots like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner among its biggest celebrity voices. These model celebs are ultimately reclaiming their territory on the cover-ups of magazines and as the faces of major campaigns back from Hollywoodstars.Wewere curious to hear what Hosk and Sampaio, who have lived through this change, had to say about it.

Sampaio told us,

When I started, simulates weren’t celebrities and didn’t have a voice, they only modeled clothes. Now with social media, we are back to having a voice and back on the cover-ups of[ publications ], as well as working on big campaigns. People truly start noticing us much more which provides us with a platform to share what we really believe in.

Hosk, who has been involved with the Washington D.C.-based charity, FAIR Girls, for several years understands what it means to be a celebrity and have a platform.

I work with an organization in Washington DC that rescues girls from bondage and human trafficking and has a program for them when they come back into culture. It’s been a very beautiful and heartbreaking experience to work with them. It’s something that people need to speak out about more because they need more resources.

Almost all of her fellow Angels are similarly involved in charity work. Remind me again of thereason why the women we turn to for the recommendations on taking selfies and buying lingerie shouldn’t be the same womenwho speak out forimportant charities? In a world where the Kardashians have spoken more constructively about the Armenian Genocide than two presidents in a row, I don’t think there is one.

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Victoria’s Secret

But speaking of advice on taking selfies, we couldn’t leave without asking these ladies for the keyto taking a great Instagram shot.

SS : strong> The illuminating makes all the difference! But I think what’s the most important really is being authentic. Show a little bit of whom you, but without making too much, cause[ some things] are supposed to be private.

EH : strong> Light! I would also mention authenticity. Also, I think you can feel when a photo is staged or authentic. I envision people actually respond to photos that feel authentic, like when it’s a snapshot out of your real life, when it’s a really cool image.

OK so authenticity+ lighting= the perfect Instagram pic.

If you’re like me, the dirty dishes in the background of your selfies are already making off that air of effortless authenticity, but you might have to invest in a reverberate lighting or move to Californiafor that last part.

After that, all you’llneed are about five million Instagram adherents, a 24/7 operate ethic, and amajor injection of gym-motivation juice before the Angel wings only magically appear.

Or at least that’s howHosk and Sampaio make it look, but then again, they’re Angels.It’s their task to make it all seem easy.

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Victoria’s Secret

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