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Anyone who’s ever stayed in on a weekend night( so like, all of us) has experienced the FOMO that comes along with a night of responsibility aka too hungover from the previous night. You settle in for a night of Netflix, but first you gotta check your apps. Facebook is the samejust some of your vaguely prejudiced friends posting veiled statuses in support of Trump , nothing new to find there. You check Instagram and got a few laughters at some memes. But then you induce the cardinal misstep of checking Snapchat, and you come to the realization that everyone is out having fun without you. Your friends aren’t holding a funeral service for your absence. Your coworkers who said they were doing nothing this weekend are all out drinking without you. Those bitches. But never anxiety, because we’re exposing current realities of all those “fun” parties you see in our new Social Media Vs. Reality video series. That lit house party you see your roommate at? Yeah, that’s likely like, three people and an iPhone. The crazy fraternity night your cousin’s posting about? Think of it this style: If it were really that fun, she wouldn’t be constantly taking infringes from dancing to capture, filter, and upload selfies every 10 minutes. I know, I’m a genius.

Anyway, here’s what that house party you understood on Snapchat was actually like IRL.( Spoiler alert: You didn’t miss anything .)

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