PinExt - White House tells reporters not to report

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If President DonaldTrump’s administration was an artistic motion, it would probably be closer to abstract artsay, a hard-to-understand Jackson Pollock. But in very surreal, RenMagritte fashion( imagine this is not a tube ), the concerned authorities sent an announcement labeled NOT REPORTABLE to disclose that Sarah Huckabee Sanders would not be giving a video-recorded press briefing on Thursday.

As Slate put it: The White House alerted reporters not to report on…instructions about not reporting.

The White House is holding fewer on-camera press conference these daysdespite their high ratings, and their helpful apply as a vehicle for the free press. Of course, as an administration riddled with leakages and press scrutiny, it stimulates sense that they are trying to keep a eyelid on the most classified information like the presidents afternoon meeting with the International Olympic Committee. Or maybe its just an artistic selection?

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